Microsoft Word 2010 obviously overwrites one of my most important shortcuts with something else that I do not need (nor want).

Concretely: I am used to using the shortcut Alt + T + 1 in order to assign the paragraphs style Normal to any paragraph where the cursor is placed.

I have assignd this shortcut to the paragraph style Normal in my Word 2010 as well.

However, whenever I use this shortcut, Word 2010 instead opens a new, empty document.

I have checked, if Alt + T + 1 is, by any accident, given to the FileNew command in the shortcut list (File → Options → Customize Ribbon → Keyboard), but there is nothing assigned to FileNew.

I am wondering what might be the reason for my Alt + T + 1 not working....

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Answer found, for my specific case:

Parallely to MS Word, I have a tiny programme running (a tool for Latin-Cyrillic transliteration) that uses the "Alt + t" shortcut (not Alt + t + 1, though). When I shut this off (or assign a different shortcut to my tiny transliteration tool), Word has no problem working with Alt + t + 1.

So, general rule for shortcut malfunction in Word or elsewhere: Check if not another programme in your Windows environment has occupied the shortcut, or part of it.

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