I would like all my servers hosted at Digital Ocean to hold the names server1.do.example.com, server2.do.example.com.

Say I own example.com with DNS hosted at namecheap, which provides me with a pretty good set of options.

Digital Ocean allows me manage my domain using it's own DNS servers, provided I point my domain to it's name servers:

  • ns1.digitalocean.com
  • ns2.digitalocean.com
  • ns3.digitalocean.com

Given my current DNS at Namecheap.com, how do I point do.example.com to the three nameservers? so that I can manage do.example.com entirely from digital ocean, without having to log into my namecheap.

Essentially, how do I sublet a subdomain to another set of DNS servers

  • Change the domains nameservers and all subs will also change. It's true that it's possible to set distinct nameservers for a sub domain, but if not otherwise specified a sub domain will have the same nameservers as the main domain. – Tyson Feb 17 '16 at 10:27
  • @Tyson I would like to keep the root domain with namecheap, this allows the engineers autonomy over the do subdomain, while keeping my MX records and other sensitive information secure. – Amin Shah Gilani Feb 17 '16 at 10:38

Answering my own question.

You need a DNS server that has the ability to set MX records for subdomains. Namecheap.com does not support this, however I found that the Cloudflare DNS does. It's also free, so I just pointed my nameservers to cloudflare and set it up.

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