I have a USB printer, HP Envy 4500. Ok, this printer is Wifi too, but it is known that this printer does not work with a wireless repeater.

I can freely print via USB, but I need to physically be next to the printer. Instead I am struggling for VPN printing right now.

My equipment is a Raspberry Pi, so a fully functional Linux personal computer. I am not physically in the printer's site while I write this post, so I need to plan my actions

The question is

If I connect the printer to USB port of Raspberry, which is going to be freely accessed over VPN, can I share the printer, together with its driver, to any other network computer or tablet?

The driver part is important to me, almost only because this printer is capable of saving lots of paper by automatic duplex printing. So I should use an HP driver to print, I can't simply print to a "generic network printer".


  • Printer does not have Ethernet networking
  • Printer won't connect to wifi if it finds two base stations with same SSID
  • I can configure anything that fits the 512MB, if I remember correct, of the Raspberry Pi Model B+. Cups and Samba included (I never used them)
  • I need to duplex-print at least from Windows PC. Seeing printer with HP original driver, printing from tablet or other stuff is only a plus
  • Buying a USB print server is not worth the price

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