Notepad++ version 6.8.8.

Windows 7.

Notepad++ installed as administrator.

Can install some other plugins, but not "Preview HTML".

During installation, a dialog box pops up with title "Installation Error". The dialog message says "Installation of Preview HTML failed."

This dialog box appears before the plugin has downloaded.

I get the same error also when trying to install the plugin on XP.


The dialog message says "Installation of Preview HTML failed"

There is an open bug Unable to install preview html plugin:

enter image description here

I can reproduce this problem.


A manual install was successful and the plugin appears to work (I haven't tested it thoroughly).

Manual Install Instructions

  1. Close notepad++

  2. Download the plugin from http://chiselapp.com/user/vor0nwe/repository/npp_preview/zip/Preview_plugin.zip?uuid=publish (direct link)

  3. Extract the zip file

  4. Copy the contents of the zip (PreviewHTML.dll and Config) to Notepad++\plugins

  5. Restart Notepad++

    enter image description here

  6. Test the plugin

    enter image description here

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