I have reseted my user password using recovery mode. Unfortunately after this operation I am unable to login into my account because my home directory is encrypted.

I can't mount my Private using ecryptfs-mount-private because it needs my previous password which I don't remember.

After many tries I was able to mount my Private using ecryptfs-recover-private and MOUNT passphrase. Thanks to this I have access to my files but still I am unable to login into my account (Private was mounted to temp directory).

Is there a way to change password used by ecryptfs-mount-private so I can normally login to my account?


To change your password you need to override wrapped-passphrase file which is located in /home/_USER_/.ecryptfs.

On the login screen press Ctrl + Alt + F2 to start terminal and login into your account.

Type ecryptfs-wrap-passphrase /home/_USER_/.ecryptfs/wrapped-passphrase. When you press enter you will see: Passphrase to wrap: type here you mount passphrase. Next in Wrapping passphrase: type your current user password.

Now you can exit the terminal and go back to login screen by pressing Ctrl + Alt + F7. You should be able to login.

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