I'm using Terminal on OS X El Capitan. I want to scroll my terminal output by lines (not using page-up or down). I'm pretty sure I used to do this with Cmd-up/Cmd-down, but now that appears to just cycle through (and highlight) previous prompts.

Any idea how to get the old functionality back?


If you look at the View menu, it has bindings for Line up and Line down, but no help for the icons.

I do not have a Mac keyboard, so there are no icons "at hand".

However, those icons are shown in Terminal Keyboard Shortcuts, allowing me to see that the binding is

CommandAltPageUp and

for line-up and line-down, respectively.

  • I spent at least 30 minutes searching the web for this answer. At no point did it occur to me to actually look in the menu. Oops. Thanks Thomas. – Evan Pon Feb 19 '16 at 17:54
  • In this MacBook Pro I don't have PageUp or PageDown buttons but the same effect is produced for me by using Fn-Up or Fn-Down. – Jaime Hablutzel Jan 29 at 4:00

In older versions of OS X, the shortcut used to be CommandUpArrow and CommandDownArrow. If you want this shortcut restored to what you used to use, you can do so in System Preferences > Keyboard > Shortcuts > App Shortcuts. There, you can create two new shortcuts for the application "Terminal" for menu titles "Line Up" and "Line Down". This will override the CommandAltPageUp and CommandAltPageDown default shortcuts.

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