I have a DGM L-1935WD touch screen monitor I purchased second hand to use, but when I touch the monitor it comes up as if I am touching somewhere else.

If I click the Windows button on my monitor I shows as if I am clicking the top right hand corner, or if I click the bottom right it shows I am clicking the top left.

I have tried to find drivers (which I haven't found any for it) and also done the tablet PC settings and clicked setup on there which has has no effect.

Does anyone have any ideas on how to sort this?

  • it has a VGA cable and usb cable which are both plugged in and im running windows 7 professional 64bit – Craig Matchett Feb 21 '16 at 12:15
  • 1
    Are you sure this monitor is a touch screen monitor as standard, and the touch screen isn't a third party add on, upside down/back to front? I've looked it up and can't find any evidence of a touch screen model? – Jonno Feb 21 '16 at 12:35
  • im not 100% sure as i bought it second hand but it has a usb cable that is hard wired into the side of it – Craig Matchett Feb 21 '16 at 15:59
  • Could you post a photo perhaps? – Jonno Feb 21 '16 at 16:01
  • here is a link to a picture of where the USB cable goes into the side of the monitor [link] (s248.photobucket.com/user/craig2d/library/Others) – Craig Matchett Feb 21 '16 at 16:09

Looking at the manual for your monitor here - there is no mention at all of a touch screen function, USB, or anything else. As such, I'm suspicious there is a third party overlay on your monitor controlling the touch interface.

Without being able to physically inspect the device, it's hard to say for certain what is providing it. It's possible, looking at your video, that the overlay is fitted upside down, as the input you're describing would make sense if the touch screen was rotated 180o.

It's also possible the touch screen is fitted correctly and has an accompanying driver and software package allowing the input to be rotated. Without knowing the exact device, it's not possible for me to say what this may be, but you could do the following steps to try and work it out:

  1. Go to Device Manager (Win + X -> Device Manager)
  2. Find your touch device in the list - It may be under Human Interface Devices or Mice and other input devices if it's not in an obvious location.
  3. Right click the device and click Properties, go to Details and click Hardware Ids in the drop down box.
  4. In here you should see a VID and PID ID, which you can search online to find out what the device actually is and what driver it takes. For example, my mouse uses VID_0461 PID_4D17, so I would search this to find a relevant driver, should I need it.

Alternatively, you could see if the touch overlay can be removed easily and fitted rotated the other way up - although if the previous owner had it this way it's more likely there is a software way this can be resolved.

Edit- Looking around a little more, a couple more suggestions are:

  1. Try using the calibration tool (See here for more info,
  2. There's a Q/A here where one user has created a tool to flip the X and Y axis of a mouse, although this is likely to disrupt your normal mouse usage as well.
  • do you have a link for where i can search for these drivers? i am assuming its VID_0664 and PID_0309 going of this picture? i248.photobucket.com/albums/gg195/craig2d/Capture.png – Craig Matchett Feb 21 '16 at 17:15
  • @CraigMatchett I don't know if there even are any, if you can get the VID and PID I can attempt to help. – Jonno Feb 21 '16 at 17:16
  • VID_0664 and PID_0309 – Craig Matchett Feb 21 '16 at 17:40
  • @CraigMatchett Unfortunately that's just a generic driver as well, I can't see any obvious replacement. I've just updated my answer with some other suggestions for you, but I'm afraid I'm out of ideas beyond physically trying to rotate the panel overlay. – Jonno Feb 21 '16 at 17:52
  • i tried that mouse reverse program and it just flipped my mouse, it had no effect on my touch screen :( i also tried the calibration tool and that didnt work either. thanks for you help and suggestions anyway, i'll have to keep looking i guess – Craig Matchett Feb 21 '16 at 17:55

MAFMouse is a low level filter driver to rotate or invert mouse movements and some touch screens. Please contact me (I'm the author) for a demo version.

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