If I open up the Setting app/program in Windows 10, there is a search bar on the top right with the words "Find a setting" in it.

No matter what I type in that box, I get "No results for " and the string I typed.

Also, in the start menu, if I type a setting name ("resolution" in this example) I get the proper results in the Start Menu search results(e.g. "Change the screen resolution") but, when I click that result, I get a blank Settings box with no results inside and my search word is in the "Find a setting" box.

What did I break? Can someone help me "unbreak" it?


From this thread: How can I make Windows 10 search my settings/control panel items?

The answer from TranslucentCloud solved my issue.

1) Stop Windows Search service

2) Remove the "SystemIndex" key from HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows Search\CrawlScopeManager\Windows\

(note, I had to change the ownership of the key to delete it)

3) Start the Windows Search service

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