I am unable to move or resize objects in Illustrator and Photoshop. Sometimes it work, sometimes it doesn't. See this GIF:

a demonstration

I have tried uninstalling/installing Illustrator & Photoshop again, updating/downgrading, but still get the same issue.

I have also tried to delete settings using CTRL + ALT + SHIFT and restarting the program, but it doesn't do anything. It's supposed to bring a prompt asking to confirm, but there is no prompt. Illustrator just simply starts.

I am using the latest version of Adobe CC: 2015.2.1 64 bit.

After updating, Illustrator started, giving me an error that told me to update my graphics drivers.

  • @Jenna It doesn't have any option named release clipping mask. – Skyyy Feb 21 '16 at 19:03
  • Just this file or all files? -- this is tech support and off topic, by the way. – Scott Feb 21 '16 at 19:41
  • My bad, meant compound path. If this is happening on all files though, it is really odd. – Jenna Feb 21 '16 at 19:48
  • Could you upload a file somewhere in which it isn't working? Also, what version of CS? – Tom Carpenter Feb 25 '16 at 3:47
  • @jenna that option is also not available. – Skyyy Feb 25 '16 at 17:06

Try updating your pen tablet driver. That almost always fixes issues like this.

If you’re not using a pen tablet, go and get a pen tablet immediately. Illustrator is not designed to be used with a mouse, and your mouse and its software drivers are not designed to be used with Illustrator.

You can get a small Wacom Pen Tablet for about $60, and it will pay for itself in reduced work time within a week. And it will dramatically improve the quality of your work also.

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