I'm currently using a KBP Poker 3 with the CapsLock key as a FN key (using dipswitch 3). I'd like to still have CapsLock, but on the function layer (like FN+Q). How can I remap FN+Q to CapsLock when I'm using the CapsLock key as an FN key?


This is how you can re-map the CapsLock key, while still using it as a FN key.

  1. Unplug the keyboard and turn dipswitch 3 off, so the CapsLock key works as a CapsLock key.
  2. Plug the keyboard back in and program like normal, selecting a target key combo and then clicking the CapsLock key to re-map it.
  3. Unplug the keyboard and turn dipswitch 3 back on.
  4. Plug the keyboard back in. The CapsLock key is back to being a FN key and your key combo should still be re-mapped to CapsLock.

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