I'm formatting some VBA code for reading, and obviously a lot of the lines flow to the next line. I've applied a hanging indent to make it clear that it's a continuation of the previous line, but I'd like to put a prefix on it (Wingdings 3: 571 or similar, perhaps) to make it clear.

Is there any way to do that automatically, either through formatting or VBA, or would I have to just go through and do it all manually?


In your document, insert your symbol once, select it and copy it. Then you can delete the symbol.

Then just do a simple find and replace.

In the Find what: ^p (this will find each paragraph mark).

In the Replace with: box ^p^c (including a space after the c)

This will replace each paragraph mark with paragraph mark then your symbol (as you copied it to clipboard) then a space. So you will end up with the symbol at the start of each new paragraph.

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  • That's what I'd do if I wanted on the first line of a paragraph, but I'm looking for a way to indicate that a line is a continuation of a paragraph - essentially what you suggested but with the wrapping breaks instead. – Andrew Perry Mar 31 '16 at 11:16

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