I have a Table (as opposed to a Range) defined in Excel 2010, named Table1.

The table has blank rows separating groups of 3 to 5 rows with data. Note that not every column in every "non-blank" row contains data. However data exists in column B (named Table1[IdMap]) for every non-blank row.

I want to format the table (either using Conditional Formatting or static formatting) such that all of the all-blank rows have an off-white background color.

So far I've tried the following Conditional Formatting rules with no luck:

  1. Select Table1 (using Ctrl+A while the cell-marquee is in the table)
  2. Conditional Formatting > Rules > New Rule > Use a formula...
  3. "Format values where this formula is true":
    • =ISBLANK( $B:$B )
    • =ISBLANK( INDIRECT("Table1[IdMap]"))
    • =ISBLANK( INDIRECT("RC[-2]",0) )

I found the answer also on superuser: Using IF and ISBLANK statement to determine a range of cells if any of them have information in them.

Just use in conditional formatting =NOT(COUNTA($B:$B))

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    You actually don't need the IF, just =NOT(COUNTA($B:$B)) as you're just saying IF true, then true, else false. :) – Jonno Feb 25 '16 at 8:49
  • I'll edit the answer :). – Michthan Feb 25 '16 at 12:05

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