My question: How do I use terminal with white text on a black background that doesn't use bold, italics, underscores?


I'm currently setting up my linux terminal (ubuntu, bash).

I found somewhere that if I did TERM=vt220 it would remove the colours.

I'm including two pictures that show the behaviour I'm trying to get rid of. One is at the terminal and the other is while using vim to edit my .vimrc.

In the second picture(the one of vim) you will notice that set is bold, history,textwidth,autoindent,and other things that are being set are underlined.

Before I set TERM=vt220 there were colours, and doing TERM=vt220 didn't remove colours from terminal, just from vim.

Hopefully this is enough info, thanks for taking a look!


For shell commands: try alias | grep color to see what commands get colorized by default. unalias those things in your ~/.bashrc

For vim, put syntax off in your ~/.vimrc

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