I'm so used to the comfortable layout of Apple keyboards and I like to use the command key for the most often used combination shortcuts (command-C for copy, command-V for paste and so on), which is very easily accessed with my left thumb. When I switched to other computers (running Linux specifically) I found it very uncomfortable to use the control key instead of command for the same combos, which instead requires the use of the pinkie finger. I just wonder what other Linux converted solutions are, rather then assign different keys function through the Desktop Environment configuration tools.

  • I'll take it a step further: I like the really light resistance of these keyboards as well. – iAdjunct Feb 29 '16 at 3:12
  • Please add your Linux system specification (version, if KDE or other...). BTW you may find interesting this answer... Are you using a Mac keyboard connected to linux? – Hastur Feb 29 '16 at 5:04

I would suggest that you try two things:

  1. Use an Apple keyboard with your Linux box.
  2. Configure your keyboard so that Ctrl is mapped to Command and vice-versa.

To accomplish #2 you need to change the keyboard mapping. There is an article that describes this process here: https://askubuntu.com/questions/131900/how-do-i-switch-the-command-key-and-control-key-on-a-macbook-pro

Even though the article is aimed at Ubuntu users, the tool it describes is the same in all Linux distros. This only needs to be done on the computer to which the physical keyboard is connected.


Which distribution of Linux are you using ? Or which OS ? I know ubuntu can handle a lot of keyboard language preferences. You may try to use an Apple keyboard and set your preferences to qwerty English Mac OS X.

Switching your ctrl to cmd button might be an alternative but I found it dirty.

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