I am trying to develop for android and I use emulator to test my applications. The emulator does not start in Android Studio unless HAXM or Intel atom x86 is installed on the computer. I downloaded HAXM and installed it but it shows that to install HAXM I need to turn on something called Intel vt-x. From where it can be turned on in Windows 8.

I tried the emulator of eclipse but it is not fast enough to satisfy me.


VT-X is usually enabled at BIOS level. Check the manual of your mainboard, it should contain instructions on how to access BIOS settings and VT-X options.

The exact steps may vary depending on your mainboard manufacturer, but in case you need further assistance this guide might be useful.

Of course, your CPU has to support VT-X. Check the manual or product website of your CPU to find out if it does. In case it does not, you will not be able to turn it on anywhere. Thanks to Moab for pointing this out.

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    If the processor supports vt-x, it may be enabled in the bios, otherwise, no it cannot. – Moab Feb 29 '16 at 21:37

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