I'm installing Xcode from Mac App Store but sadly fails every time near finish with

Xcode failed to download

Use the Purchases page to try again.


Except once that I copied pkg inside $TMPDIR../C/com.apple.appstore/497799835 before the App Store application auto deletes them while popping up an error dialog.

And the pkg is installable. I've successfully installed Xcode by the copied pkg before.

As I couldn't figure out why "Xcode failed to download" continues. And just got an error(again and again) after long time download is too sad. I'm wondering is there something I can do to prevent the auto-deleting?


Try opening terminal and running open $TMPDIR../C/ then delete the folder named com.apple.appstore while the app store window is completely closed. You may need to run rm -rf $TMPDIR../C/com.apple.appstore if you cannot right-click + delete the folder normally, but I DO NOT recommend running the rm command unless you know what you are doing. After the com.apple.appstore folder is gone, reboot the computer and it should be able to install normally.

This solved my issue when I had trouble downloading multiple apps on a poor connection. I'd paused the downloads and tried to restart them elsewhere. That was a bad decision.

Hope this solves your issue.

  • Thanks for share. For this question I was wondering is there a way to backup the downloaded pkg before try any other solutions. Wasted many hours on redownloading. – Al3n Mar 1 '16 at 16:07
  • There's a way with the command line, but I've no idea exactly how to do it. – Dooley_labs Mar 1 '16 at 16:29

ln the_original_folder/the_original_file the_backup_folder/the_backup_file command do the trick. Just hard link the file(s) you want to keep to another location. You would have one "shadow copy" left.

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