I have a lot of text like this in Notepad ++:

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I would like to extract all twitter handles - get a unique list like this:


all Twitter user profiles in one list.

What is the best way to extract those usernames and have unique list of them in one doc?


One option is to use the bookmarks within Notepad++.

Search for:


Within Mark, checking Bookmark line and Regular Expression (but not . matches newline)

enter image description here

Click Search -> Bookmark -> Remove unmarked lines

enter image description here

You should be left with the following:

enter image description here


I'd use a stepwise approach:

  1. save your file to a new location, you'll remove unwanted content from there
  2. To remove all non username content:
  3. to remove duplicates :
    • replace all (\@[^@]+)(.*)\1
    • to \1\2
  4. and finally to get one username per line:
    • replace all (\@[^@]+)
    • to \1\n

This will generate a new file in the same directory as the current file, adding a ".sorted" between the original file name and extension.

In Notepad++ while displaying your input file, hit F5 then paste the following in:

powershell -command "get-content '$(FULL_CURRENT_PATH)' | select-string -list -pattern '^@' | sort-object" > "$(CURRENT_DIRECTORY)\$(NAME_PART).sorted.$(EXT_PART)"

Note that this will overwrite an existing file if present.

Run or save the command. Saving will allow you to assign a key combo shortcut. Someone with better PowerShell-fu than I may want to chime in on an easy way to strip the leading blank line in the output file.

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