I have a Pentium 4 3.6 GHz, D945GCR Intel board, no external graphics card and 1GB ram pc. Recently I got it upgraded from Win 7 to Win 10 (after years... only to see how it works!). But I can't do "heavy" or multitasking jobs any more, which is normal. But then I tried to get Win 8 and still video playback for all file types is non-responsive.

What should I do? What could be the best possible OS (can be Linux distros or anything)? Also can I upgrade RAM or graphics or any other tweaks?

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    What player are you using, and what codecs have you been trying?
    – Jonno
    Mar 2 '16 at 7:59
  • Is a RAM upgrade out of the question for you? You have two RAM slots on your board and the Intel website suggests you can go to 2GB without updating the BIOS.
    – Burgi
    Mar 2 '16 at 11:07
  • Try download and installing MPC-HC player before you upgrade any hardware, and try to play videos using MPC-HC. Mar 2 '16 at 12:48
  • What videos are you playing? 480p ? 720p?
    – user556070
    Mar 2 '16 at 17:05
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    Also if it is the Intel D945GCCR Motherboard, then you can upgrade up to 4 GB ( 2 x 2 GB). memorystock.com/memory/IntelD945GCCR.html
    – user556070
    Mar 2 '16 at 17:06

A lightweight Linux distro would be a lot more efficient - There are a number of them LUBUNTU is a lightweight Linux variant which would fit your needs.

You might be able to improve performance by upgrading the memory (certainly 1 GB of RAM is very much on the low side), and getting an external graphics card - if you can find old enough ones - but its almost certainly a waste of money - a US $250 low-end notebook will run rings around a P4 system, and if you use it more then occasionally will pay for itself in power savings alone.

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