I try to install the Windows feature "NetworkController" on a docker container on Windows 2016 Server TP4, using Powershell. After I run "Add-WindowsFeature NetworkController", I get the message:

"You must restart this server to finish the installation process."

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When I now check again (without having done anything else yet) with Get-WindowsFeature, it has the install state "InstallPending".

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Now I am not sure what "restart this server" means 100%, but I suppose it means I am supposed to restart the host machine, since there is nothing else to restart (and the container itself is just a container, not a VM as with a Hyper-V approach).

So I try the following aproaches:

Approach (1)

I stop the docker container using docker stop iisdemo, then restart the host machine (my Windows 2016 server) and then restart the docker container, using docker start iisdemo.

But when I check for the NetworkController, it's still not installed.

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Approach (2)

In a second attempt, I add the feature, then restart the docker container without restarting the Windows 2016 server, just running

dock restart iisdemo.

Now something strange happens, when I try to check for the features via Get-WindowsFeature *network*, the process of collecting data stops at 57% and the container exists by itself.

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When I attach to the docker image again:

> docker start iisdemo
> docker attach iisdemo
> powershell
> Get-WindowsFeature *network*

I am back to where I started:

enter image description here

Approach (3)

Another third approach obviously should not work, but I tried it anyway and restarted the Windows 2016 server/host without stopping the docker container at all. Needless to say, this did not work either (same behaviour as approach 1, the container exits at 57% of collecting data).

Approach (4)

Running a "shutdown -r -f -t 10" inside the container does not help either. After the restart, the NetworkController is still not installed.

Note: I tried to use both Docker containers as well as Windows containers (created and managed via Powershell commands), makes no difference.

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Neil Peterson vom Microsoft replied to me on Twitter about this, seems to be a bug: https://twitter.com/nepeters/status/705451007233257472?cn=cmVwbHk%3D&refsrc=email

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