Currently ⇧ Shift + ⌫ Backspace returns ^H in my linux console.
How to remap this to CTRL + ⌫ Backspace?

I use the newest version of MobaXterm "Personal Edition 8.6".


Your tty settings are probably set to send delete char ^? for erase rather than backspace ^H character

type stty in the terminal to see what the erase is set to

try doing this in the shell to set it to [backspace] key.

stty erase ^H  

to get the ^H character you need to use [ctrl] + [v] and then [backspace] keys. If that makes works you can add that to your .profile or .bashrc file

or you can make moba xterm send ^? when you type [backspace] by going to settings and on the terminal tab uncheck the option backspace sends ^H

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