Let's say I have cells (B10:B20) populated with anything but an empty value.

In C10, I create a forumla =+A10/2. With they keyboard, I want to copy the formula in C10 down all the way to the last row in column B.

There used to be a way in old versions of excel to use the keyboard to do a ctrl-c then select the range of rows based upon a neighboring column .


The way still working in Excel 2013 (and I think also above, but I can't test):

  • after entering the formula press left to move to column B
  • press CTRL+down - now you're at the last non-empty cell of column B
  • press right - now you're in column C
  • CTRL+SHIFT+up selects the whole column including the formula
  • CTRL+D fills down the formula.

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