Screenshot of the problem. Name and middle part removed.

In Google Docs, I cannot see the text in comments as it is written in black on very dark gray. The title of a document is also displayed strangely. Similar issues occur on other web pages.

The issues occur both when I use the standard Firefox appearance and with FT Deep Dark 14.0.

I use Firefox 44.0.2 on GNOME Shell 3.18.3 with the GTK+ theme Adwaita-Dark-3.14-rev.2 on Arch Linux 4.4.1-2.

P.S.: I added a screenshot, I covered the user with a red box and removed the middle part of the image to fit the screen.

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  • If it's happening on other pages it sounds like it's a browser/OS issue, not a web application issue. – ale Mar 4 '16 at 14:35
  • A screenshot would help. Also, are webfonts (options-->content-->advanced) turned on or off? – user3169 Mar 5 '16 at 4:53

I run into the same issue and solved it with the instructions from this post https://www.dovydasvenckus.com/linux/2018/08/20/fix-firefox-dark-input-fields-on-gnome/


  1. Enterabout:config in the URL
  2. Right click -> New String.
  3. Name widget.content.gtk-theme-override value Adwaita:light
  4. Restart Firefox

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