I have a bunch of *.flv videos in a folder on my Windows computer that I would like to convert (or remux) to *.mkv. Since I have a lot of files I would like to automate this process with a batch script using mkvmerge.

To find the proper syntax I used the command line display in MKVmergeGUI and I got the following:

"D:/OneDrive/Portable applications/mkvtoolnix\mkvmerge.exe" ^"--ui-language^" ^"en^" ^"--output^" ^"C:/Users/User1/Desktop/test/Episode 01.mkv^" ^"--language^" ^"0:und^" ^"--default-track^" ^"0:yes^" ^"--language^" ^"1:und^" ^"--default-track^" ^"1:yes^" ^"--language^" ^"2:nor^" ^"--track-name^" ^"2:Norwegian subtitles^" ^"--default-track^" ^"2:yes^" ( ^"C:/Users/User1/Desktop/test/Episode 01.flv^" ) ^"--track-order^" ^"0:0,0:1,0:2^"

However these commands are not relative. I want all flv's in a folder to convert to mkv. I simply need a batch file that can remux from flv to mkv. How can I achieve this using only a batch file and mkvmerge?


I worked out an adequate solution using the following command in a batch file:

for %%A IN (*.flv) do ( mkvmerge.exe -o "remux-%%~nA.mkv" "%%~A")

This will convert the flv to mkv and name the output remux-filename

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