I have installed Homebrew and Cask to my machine, and it has worked for some things. But I sometimes get an error saying

==> ln: /usr/local/bin/<Cask name>: Permission denied
Error: Command failed to execute!

I know why this is caused, and how to fix it using sudo, but is there a way to do it even temporally without sudo?

P.S. How it is done with sudo:

sudo chown -R $(whoami) /usr/local/bin 

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You'll have to run the command itself as the super user:

sudo brew install FORMULA

you can temporarily grant yourself super user priveleges by entering:


then you can just simply enter: brew install FORMULA

Either way, you'll have to enter your password, but with the second method, you'll only have to enter it once, as you will remain a super user for the remainder of the terminal session.

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