I have several tomcats running on my centos. If I try "top", all of them are shown as "java" .

Is there anyway, such as changing the catalin.sh, that I can make each of the tomcat has its own name ?

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The java executable is a binary, so it is not easy. If it were one of certain script/interpreted languages (zsh, perl, etc.), then it would be a simple matter of changing the arg0 argument (e.g., $0 in perl) in the script to be whatever you wanted. You could do this to a binary, of course, but you'd have to recompile the code.

One way to get around that is by using the procname utility, which was made for exactly what you describe: changing the name of a java process.


You'd have to do some hackery to get your tomcat start-up scripts to use this utility.

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