I'm using this script in the batch file I created to copy the filenames to clipboard then I can use,

@echo off
set dirpath=%1
dir %dirpath% /b /n | clip

I created a shortcut in Windows SendTo menu that directed to this batch file. When I want to copy file names in a specific folder to clipboard, I just right click on this folder then SendTo this batch file. This works fine.

But can I improve this script by skipping the file extensions (like .jpg)?

Thanks for your help.


Simple solution using an auxiliary file:

SETLOCAL EnableExtensions DisableDelayedExpansion

>"%temp%\%~n0.txt" (
    for /F "delims=" %%G in ('dir "%~1" /b') do echo(%%~nG
type "%temp%\%~n0.txt"|clip

rem erase "%temp%\%~n0.txt"


For a solution without an auxiliary file, inspire yourself in Assigning newline character to a variable in a batch script

Resources (required reading):

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  • Sorry for my late reply. But your solution worked like a charm. Thank you. Namo Amitabha. – Leigh Mar 16 '16 at 2:18

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