After importing contacts from gmail to outlook, I have a whole bunch of categories I cannot seem to delete. Screenshot from Outlook 2016 for Mac. On the outlook.office365.com I cannot even find these categories.

enter image description here

Some I want to keep, but most I want to delete, except that I have no idea how to get rid of any of them. These categories are in my calendar, contacts, tasks... They are not in my list of categories, either.

enter image description here

Anyone know?


After hours of frustrated research, the only fix I found is to create a new category with the EXACT same name as the unwanted category. This assigns the unwanted category a color, and you can then delete it. Not sure how technical of a fix this is, but it will get unwanted categories out of your navigation pane. Hope this helps.


Just trying to do same as MS created a load of categories from nowhere.

I found if you open the dropdown list of categories, click on all categories near the bottom of the dropdown list, it opens a box where you can see all the categories.

Simply tick the box next to the ones you don't want, then click Delete. It will ask if you are sure blah blah. Click Yes.

They seem to have now gone from the dropdown list, hopefully permanently.

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