I have just upgraded from Ubuntu 9.04 to 9.10. The sound is working fine for:

  1. On disk Movies(*.avi, *.flv)
  2. Music(*.mp3)

I'm currently watching youtube or other flash movies on Firefox 3.5.7 which play fine but there is no sound at all. Whenever I listen to music or watch a movie, the media software that I use will show up under the Applications tab of Sound Preferences which can be accessed through System -> Preferences -> Sound.

For instance, Rhythmbox shows up if I am listening to music. When I watch youtube on Firefox or Chrome, nothing shows up under the Applications tab. Does anyone know how to fix this issue? I believe that once this issue is fixed, my flash videos through a web browser will have sound again.


I think it might be a permission issue. Just make sure root and your username(using jdoe as example) is associated with the following groups in /etc/group:


I guess you could also do the following from the Users and Groups GUI but I just can't find it on my OS(another issue to fix).

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