I'm using this command to archive all PHP files:

find -name "*.php" | sudo tar -zcpvf my-archive.tar.gz -T -

It works great, except that the output is like this:


Instead of:


How do I need to modify my command so that ./ is not included in my archive?


The most versatile tool to control the output of find is its own -printf feature. It has the %P sequence whose function is

  %P     File's  name  with  the name of the command line argument
         under which it was found removed.

find -name '*.php' -printf "%P\n"

is the same as

find ./ -name '*.php' -printf "%P\n"

so ./ is removed from the beginning of each line

  • Perfect answer, thank you. I mistakenly thought it had to do something with the tar command but it was actually the find command. – GTS Joe Mar 13 '16 at 20:06

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