It doesn't matter if I use chrome or firefox, I can not open pages like analytics.google.com or mailtrack.io. On both browsers the same. I can see that browsers shows me a blank page with no eource code on it. I can also see that it says "connection is not secure" when I click on icon nexto to URL editbox in browser. When I open these websites on TOR Browser everything looks fine. How to fix this? I can't understand where the problem is. It just stopped working one day and tht's it.

  • What is the windows version you are using? Tell us about the antivirus program also website is running fine in IE or not? – Calculating Machine Mar 17 '16 at 11:33
  • I am on Windows 10, I use 360 total security (360totalsecurity.com) and glasswire as firewall. I have tried to exit antivirus, glasswire, disabled windows firewall, but nothing... When I use internet explorer, I get error like this: s15.postimg.org/mawriwla3/mailtrackie.jpg But the thing is that I checked settings of IE, the TLS is enabled.. – user3257309 Mar 17 '16 at 12:03

So I have found the problem... I used internet tethered by my smartphone, on which was AdAway installed. The host.txt included mailtrack.io, so I added it to whitelist and now everything is fine!

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