Whenever I plug in my USB stick on a Windows PC, I get the message that my disk is corrupt and if I would like to fix it.

Note that choosing to fix it brings up this window (I'm using a Dutch system): enter image description here

Rough translation:

Checking removable Disk J:

Options for disk check:

(checkbox) Automatically correct mistakes in the filesystem.

(checkbox) Search corrupted sectors and fix them.

Start Cancel

The search for corrupted sectors box is usually deactivated, but as far as I know it makes little difference in terms of what happens, as I have tried both on and off.

Choosing not to fix it doesn't change anything about the USB's behavior (I can just use it as I would otherwise), and choosing to fix it just brings up the message again when I unplug it safely from the Windows PC.

Additional notes:

  • I use this USB stick on Ubuntu as well. Maybe that is related to the issues?
  • The stick is formatted as a FAT32 filesystem and is 8GB.
  • Do you eject it correctly when using it in Ubuntu? Do you get the issue if you run the check, unplug it and re-plug it, without using it on Ubuntu? – Jonno Mar 18 '16 at 8:44
  • 1
    I always properly unmount it when I eject it on Ubuntu. I don't get the issue if I run the check, unplug it and then replug it without using it on Ubuntu. – noirscape Mar 18 '16 at 8:46
  1. Remove all the data on the USB device.
  2. Format back to default settings (FAT32).
  3. Remove and reinsert into PC
  4. 'Scan this USB' popup reappeared?

    • YES: Very likely hardware failure/failing. Replace USB device.
    • NO: Copy the files back onto the USB device. Then remove and reinsert into PC.
  5. 'Scan this USB' popup reappeared after files have been copied back?

    • YES: Very likely hardware failure/failing. Replace USB device.
    • NO: All fixed :)

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