when trying to reach google from my PC, here's the trace route:


But when trying to use loose source routing ping, it always return "Request timed out."

ping -j google.com (returns, Request timed out.)

and when I'm trying something like this, ( is my router private ip and is my PC private IP):


Please help me understand this whole thing about loose and strict source routing. (kindly provide examples)


Please help me understand this whole thing about loose and strict source routing

The idea behind Loose Source Routing (LSR) is to specify a Loose Source Route, which specifies a system through which the packets must pass through before proceeding on to their destination.

Unfortunately, source routing has a great potential for abuse, and therefore most network administrators block all source-routed packets at their border routers.

So, in practice, Loose Source Routes aren't going to work.

ping -j google.com 
Request timed out

This probably fails because the owner of has balocked source-routed packets (see above).

ping -j google.com
Bad route specified for loose source route.

This command won't work because you have the destination address before the intermediate destinations.

The following command might work, assuming source-routed packets are not blocked.

ping -j google.com
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