Are you aware of a possibility to change the border size/color of the bold red border, evince paints around links (for example in PDF files, that have clickable links in the table of contents). Or is there even a possibility to remove them?


See this launchpad bug comment to fix this issue

\usepackage[pdftex, pdfborderstyle={/S/U/W 0}]{hyperref} % this disables the boxes around links

This issue has been reported in Ubuntu's Launchpad bug 156643 and Gnome Bugzilla bug 503087.


It seems that those red borders come from the LaTex template the author used, meaning evince is doing it's job by rendering it with those ugly colors. This answer suggests the same.

My solution: Print to file.

Those borders get stripped out when printing. If you print to a file, the resulting PDF will not have those borders.

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