I'm writing a documentation how to use some Excel functions in a rather company specific context for novice users.

I noticed that the functions seem to have completely different names in non-English versions of Excel, eg. the SUM() function is called SUMME() in the German version and something else in the Swedish version.

Is there a way to use the English function names in international versions of Excel ?

How do people deal with this madness ?


There is no solution for local Excel versions other than ASAP Utilities which @DavidPostill mentioned. There is Home & Student Edition that is free for home projects, schoolwork and use by charitable organizations.

I am a native Turkish speaker and I came across this problem at various work places in my working life. The only solution I found was to tell the I.T. responsible to install the English version of MS Office on my machine. They didn't want to do it in the first place but after I told them why I needed this, they had to do it.

As a side note, I have found an Excel table using Google which has the Turkish & English function name conversions of all Excel functions. I use it when some friends who use Excel in Turkish ask for help.

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