I have many notebooks and many pages inside them in OneNote. They are always expanded in my work. When I find some page by search, I am unable to locate appropriate section at left. I need to scroll long list manually and catch selected item by eye. Can I scroll to current page automatically?

There were no such ability in OneNote 2013 and it is apparently no one in OneNote 2016. What are they doing there?


Apparently question was not set clear. I mean I already found my page, I see it on screen. Now I wish to find it's tab or know at left, to see neighboring pages or parent page.

How to do that?


1.On the ribbon, click the History tab.

2.In the Authors group, click Recent Edits.

3.On the menu that appears, click a timeframe.

4.Click a page name to view its contents.

This seems like the only way to do it. You can view your edits by the time you did it

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  • No, this is not it. Suppose I already opened the page. I know it, I see it. Now I need to find it's tab at left. How to do this? – Dims Aug 25 '16 at 14:51
  • @Dims, After some thorough research, i have found that such a feature isn't available. i suppose you would have to ctrl + e. i am sorry for any inconvenience caused – Luciferangel Aug 25 '16 at 23:27

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