To avoid the XY problem, I'll explain my problem and then the problem I have with my attempted solutions:


I have a windows laptop (hp elitebook), and I use my wireless bluetooth mac keyboard with it. Because the keyboard shortcuts do not translate well from windows to Mac, I want to remap them. I can either 1) remap the keys on the windows machine, such that the bluetooth mapping is what I desire, or 2) remap the keys on the bluetooth wireless keyboard.

I chose 1) because I want to be able to use my bluetooth wireless keyboard with other machines.

Attempted Solution

Let's say, for example I want to map the cntrl+W to Windows key+W. I can't just map Cntrl to Windows key, because I need the cntrl key for other things. I want to map the combination to another combination.

I tried this SharpKeys , but it only maps single keys to single keys. I tried Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator, which looked promising, but in the layout interface, there is no windows key (strange, since it came from Microsoft). I even tried editting the .klc file, which is what this guy suggested, but I found it very difficult to edit the .klc files for my purpose. The klc files can be downloaded using the Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator, and the codes for the keys can be found here. But , even still I do not know how to edit it to allow combations of keys, again it seems like it is only good for one to one.

Any suggestions for the Problem or the Attempted Solution? Thank you.


This can be done via AutoHotKey.

Once you've downloaded and installed AHK, open a black Notepad and enter ^w::#w. Then save the file as fileName.ahk and double click to run it. Pressing ctrl+w will now send WindowsLogoKey+w. This can be done with as many shortcut keys as you'd like and can be used to create complex shortcuts, hotkeys, and hotstrings as well.

  • This works for remapping key combinations on my windows machine. i.e. when I remap ctrl+w to windowslogokey+w, I can close tabs in chrome with windowslogokey+w. However, when I use my bluetooth wireless mac keyboard, the remapping does not work. The "command" button on the MacKeyboard means "windowslogokey", but it doesn't remap on my MacKeyboard. Am I doing something wrong? – Candic3 Mar 30 '16 at 7:25
  • You most likely need to use the Key's Scan Code. See "Special Keys" section here: autohotkey.com/docs/KeyList.htm – Michelfrancis Bustillos Mar 30 '16 at 10:34

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