The windows update of my windows 7 sp1 is not working. So i decided to get possible updates as a stand alone packages. i downloaded many packages. but when i clicked at one of the packages firstly it shows preparing for 1 second then searching for updates on this computer then this thing keeps showing for hrs even i let it doing it over night after still it keeps showing searching for updates. even if the package is of some kbs. is it bug in my windows that need to fix. please help to fix this issue


stop the Windows Update service (net stop wuauserv) before installing a MSU update. I use this cmd:

FOR /R "%~dp0" %%A IN (*Windows6.1-KB*.MSU) DO (
        CALL :SUB %%~nA        
    ECHO= Installing KB!KB_NUM!        
    >NUL net stop wuauserv
    WUSA "%%A" /quiet /norestart)
ECHO= == Press any key to close the Window ==



FOR /F "DELIMS=-" %%B IN ("%KB_NUM:*-KB=%") DO SET "KB_NUM=%%B"

to enum all MSU updates in the folder where the CMD is stored and install them and before installing an update, it stops the service to speed it up.


Here's a simple solution:

  1. Go to the Start Menu, type services.msc and press Return
  2. Scroll to find Windows Update and double-click
  3. Change the startup type from Automatic to Manual or Disabled (whichever you prefer)

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