I cannot access shared folder in an XP PC. Here is the scenario.


OS: Windows-XP IP: Firewall On File & Printer Sharing is Allowed Port 139, 445, 137, 138 is allowed | Scope: Subnet

PC-2: OS: Windows 7

Related Information. 1 It is a VPN using two Microtik Router. 2 I can ping the pcs vice versa 3 I can remote desktop 4 But when i try to access a folder shared from my | it says that windows cannot access // 5 I have also tried with hostname. 6 also tried with // but didn't work. 7 When I turned off the firewall in | I can access the shared folder.

So I need yours help to resolve the issue.

Thanks. - Shahidul


You will need to allow the remote PC's subnet in the firewall rules, too.

The rule you have added on the host PC for subnet allows other PCs in that subnet to access the PC's resources. All other PCs, i.e. PCs from other subnets, will be blocked. So add the subnet to the host PC's firewall rules and you should be fine.

Note 1: If you just want that one PC to access the share, you can, of course, allow that single IP address ( in, and not the whole subnet (

Note 2: If you're only concerned to have that remote PC access the share and you don't need to have other PCs on the host's subnet access the share, you can remove the rule for from the firewall. Then all PCs will be left out except the one on the remote VPN network.

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