There seems to be a few posts on this but none of the answers seem to work for us.

We're running outlook 2016. We're getting an incredible influx of spam hitting our inboxes. The thing is these emails all have attachments and theyre sent to us between 10pm - 6am in the morning (we're in Australia, so im gathering the spammers are based overseas).

Is anyone able to tell me how to make a rule that moves all emails with attachments that are sent between 10pm and 6am everyday to the junk folder?


It's not possible with an Outlook rule, the only condition that comes close is "Received in a specific Date Span" but you have to choose 2 fixed dates.

You can write a macro to run nightly, there's many code snippets here: http://www.outlookcode.com/

Lastly, you can use a 3rd party rule add-in like Auto-Mate: http://www.pergenex.com/auto-mate/index.shtml

Hope this helps.

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