The web is full of guides like this, explaining how to make firefox using SOCKS connection to an SSH tunnel.

It Almost fits my needed. I have followed the instructions and it works fine, but there is a problem. The SSH tunnel is configured in the server to work only on a local group of servers, unless another specific proxy is configured.

I mean that when opening a terminal and trying to browse the web, say with w3m, access is only to *.institue.com. If you want for example to browse superuser.com, you have to set HTTP_PROXY variable to somepredifinedproxy.com:port.

I have tried using Proxy Cap and define this seuqence, when i checked the connection in that tool' GUI it worked just fine, but i couldn't make it work on firefox for some reason.

that's how it look

Thanks in advance.

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I made it after a while. I had to define two more things:

On putty:


On firefox:

enter image description here

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