I have a small home server running archlinux mostly for file storage. Although the server does not consume a lot of power I would like to keep it suspended most of the time and only wake it when someone actually tries to access it.

I can suspend the server and wake it by explicitly sending a magic packet from my fritzbox 7490. How can I configure Windows (7 and 10) to send such a packet when accessing a network drive.

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You can either:

  • Configure Linux to wake up on other activities too, not only magic packets: https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Wake-on-LAN#Software_configuration
  • Configure the fritzbox to wake PC on traffic (same settings page as for waking up explicitly)
  • Try to configure Windows to send a magic packet to the Linux PC when needed. This has some problems though
    • if the PCs do not share the LAN, you most likely need to send the package to your fritzbox and make it forward it to broadcast -- which fritzboxes do not allow.
    • You need to somehow try to run a service for Windows which detects network-filesystem usage. Crafting the magic packet is probably comparable easy.

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