Recently I have used a bunch adware removers (Malwarebytes, AdwCleaner, CCleaner, etc.) along with AVG Antivirus, trying to cleanse the adware Crossrider in my Win7 machine. I have found adware folders and files in the names of "Buzz Extension" or "Virtual Ball" in the AppData\Local folder of one user, also entries and values in the registry. After deleting all this, I still get a error message like this every time I login:

error message of dll missing at login
click to enlarge

Yet I confirmed that this folder has already been deleted. I also checked with msconfig that no startup option was related to this adware.

Is there any remnants of this adware left in the registry? Or is this adware still alive that even claims for dll loading at login? How can I completely wipe this adware out?

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