Pandoc documentation says it can convert to TWiki. But with the newest version, it gives error "Unknown writer: twiki":

$ brew install pandoc
$ pandoc --version | head -4
Compiled with texmath 0.8.5, highlighting-kate 0.6.2.
Syntax highlighting is supported for the following languages:
    abc, actionscript, ada, agda, apache, asn1, asp, awk, bash, bibtex, boo, c,

$ pandoc file.md -o file.md.twiki -f markdown -t twiki
pandoc: Unknown writer: twiki

Am I missing something?


In those docs, the list of readers and writers are separate. twiki only shows under readers. From this, it's clear pandoc supports reading twiki documents but not writing them.

  • How did I miss that? 😁 – Computist Apr 3 '16 at 19:30

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