I want to make a .CMD/.BAT program that copies a cmd command like:

title Ipconfig Copy

ipconfig /all


This program is not completed because I want to copy all information and addresses of command ipconfig /all and paste it to notebook.

It is Possible to make it batch?


What you want to do is redirect the output of the screen to a file, and then optionally open it.

You can do this by using the > or >> modifier. > creates a new file, >> appends to a file and creates it if it doesn't already exists.

So your command will be:

ipconfig /all >output.txt
notepad output.txt

The second line will open the file after it has been completed.

If this is not what you're after, please edit your post and explain further.


Firstly to get the data to the clipboard use clip , command clip only get data from txt file:
enter image description here or get files with dir:
here you can get more about clip.
Then you need to download paste program you can copy text , cmd command and file path *enter image description here after that with cd open the folder where you download the past program enter image description here then either write paste or copy it to file enter image description here and all the thankx to stackers
*no files or photo work here

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