How can i save all what has been written in a private buffer? Also is there a possibility to re open the same layout(including buffers) after exit? /set weechat.look.save_config_on_exit all

Doesn't seem to do what it's suggesting.



Weechat already logs buffer content to file by default. See the logger plugin section in the docs.

logger.file.auto_log: automatically save content of buffers to files (unless a buffer disables log) [ default: on ]

logger.file.path: path of WeeChat log files

Logs are found at ~/.weechat/logs/ by default, one file per buffer.

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  • This is just a text log, which you can't re-open into weechat. Afaik, there is no way to do what the original question asks, which is top re-open the buffers back in weechat after closing it. You have to parse the log files manually and view them in a text editor (less, gedit, etc). – Steve Aug 29 '18 at 19:32

Another "workaroud"-answer to the question "how to get information from the previous logs" from within WeeChat is:
install the grep.py plugin (/script install grep.py).

1) With this plugin you can list the logs (filenames in ~/.weechat/logs) and their size with:
(look at /help logs after installing "grep.py")

2) And you can /grep these logfile (or the current opened buffers if you like) with e.g.:
/grep log *perl* CSV
(this looks in all logfile with perl: #perl, #perl6, #perl.de, ... for the string "CSV" and will list the occurrances)

see /help grep (after install of grep.py) - there are many options

(also: see this blog for information about logging https://blog.jeaye.com/2016/10/31/weechat-logs/)

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