Is there anybody who tried creating emails with Microsoft's OfficeLive

I wonder how to add a created office live e-mail to Outlook? By e.g.

my LiveId is me@gmail.com, password: pmegmailcom
officeLive site: www.mysite.com,
email: contact@mysite.com, password: pcontactmysitecom

I do new mail account in Outlook:

Your name: MySiteTeam; Email address: contact@mysite.com
Incoming mail server: pop3.live.com; Outgoing mail server: smtp.live.com
User Name: me@gmail.com; Password: pmegmailcom
My outgoing server requires authentication - Yes
Use same settings as my incoming mail server - Yes
Pop3 port: 995 (SSL - Yes), Smtp port: 587 (SSL - Yes)

In fact, I follow the following office live forum moderators instructions.

When testing finds POP3 server, finds SMTP server, does not pass authorization.

What I do wrong?


My outgoing server requires authentication - Yes

Have you tried setting this to No?

All outgoing servers I've encountered don't require authentication.

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Finally, find the "trick". I needed to log out from office live, then relog-in with the new live-id based on the newly created e-mail.

There you need to change (why?!) your old password to a new one. After creating a new Windows Live Id, your mail box is ready, and you log-in (in Outlook too) with contact@mysite.com, pcontactmysitecomNEW;

Finally, You receive a "Welcome to Hotmail" (?!) and should be happy.

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