I use cross-references to figures in Microsoft Word 2010. I manually include non-breaking spaces between Figure and number, e.g., Figure[non-breaking space]1.1 if needed at the end of a line (which prevents 1.1 from being printed on the next line).

If I update the references with F9 (i.e.,Ctrl+A, then F9), the non-breaking spaces are lost.

Is there a way to force MS Word to keep these non-breaking spaces in cross-references?


The best solution I could find is to manually add a non-breaking space between the label ("Figure" in this case) and the figure number of your figure caption. Refer to the figure below where I have shown the paragraph marks to indicate where I have added the non-breaking space (°). The non-breaking space will now remain in your cross-reference when you update.
enter image description here


I think you are changing the space character in the cross-reference.

If you change the space character in the Figure caption itself it should "stick" (That's what happens here). A table of Figures should still generate OK, but with the non-breaking space characters instead of ordinary spaces.

But I don't think you can insert a non-breaking space via the Caption dialog, so if you want to make insertion relatively easy, you should modify one caption and make an Autotext from it.


When you update the reference, your manual edit of the cross-reference will be overwritten. You can't do anything about it.

You should include the non-breaking space in your figure subtitle. Do it generally in all subtitles, it doesn't hurt. These non-breaking spaces will be included inside the cross-references and hence you don't have to do anything manually if such a cross reference happens to be moved near the end of a line.

I disrecommend to use the the built-in creator of captions ("Caption dialog"). Rather use the "method of the pros":

Figurenon-breaking space{ SEQ Figure \* ARABIC }TabThis figure shows XYZ.

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