Today I started trying to create my own custom Dialog boxes for Windows. I'm able to use a shortcut/wscript.exe to run a VBS file with the following: (please ignore the dialog. I know that Drive C: will not be wiped and I do not intend for that to happen. This is just practice before I make useful ones.)

Option Explicit
x=MsgBox("Proceeding will wipe the contents of your C: Drive. Proceed?", 1+48, "Format Drive C:")

My scripting works to this point, as shown below: enter image description here

But when I click OK or Cancel at this point, then I get an error. In the past, clicking OK or Cancel just closed out of this completely, but now I get a run-time error, which I think is better than nothing at all. However, an error doesn't help me.

enter image description here

Option Explicit
x=MsgBox("Proceeding will wipe the contents of your C: Drive. Proceed?", 1+48, "Format Drive C:")
If x=1 Then
y=MsgBox("The contents of your C: Drive could not be successfully deleted.", 0+64, "Error Formatting Drive C: - System Error 5")
If x=2 Then
x=MsgBox("Not all of the contents of your C: Drive were successfully deleted. Please try again.", 0+64, "Error Formatting Drive C: - System Error 303")

If I add "instructions" for what should happen next, then I get an error when I open the file and I can't do anything at all

enter image description here

I have tried changing much of the code already. I have tried using dim, removing x, defining a variable, define subsequent msgboxs as variables, removing the parentheses, etc... I have only started writing my own VBS files today, but I have been doing batch scripting with .bat files for a long time. Even with the change of language, all my troubleshooting has led me nowhere, and I am almost positive that I have defined the variable correctly.

Can anyone tell me if I have done this right? I have tried numerous examples, but even Microsoft's Official Webpage on VBS-MsgBox is useless. I apologize in advance if I have made a stupid mistake somewhere, but I have already changed almost all of the code and I am still stuck.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I've already spent 4 hours trying to fix this one problem.


Give a try for this example :

Option Explicit
Dim Title,Question
Title = "user input in VBS with MsgBox"
Question = MsgBox("Proceeding will wipe the contents of your C: Drive. Proceed ?",vbYesNo+vbQuestion, Title)
If Question = vbYes Then
    MsgBox "We proceed wipping your C:\ drive",vbExclamation,Title
    'Call your sub here to continue proceeding your script
    MsgBox "Canceling the operation !",vbCritical,Title
End If

For more informations about MsgBox Constants

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