I have two disks with files that I manually mirror with rsync. The disks are two 1TB external usb disks (disk A, disk B). Sometimes I put some files only on one disk when I feel that I do not need to have backup to save some space. Now I mistakenly formatted disk B by some utility and I have some files I would like to have back from disk B.

I used few nice linux utilities:

Step 1: I used testdisk to recover the partition (ntfs) but in one step I choose to recover MTF from backup and it was wrong choice. I lost the MTF completely (it contains metadata about files on disk, where they are, etc.)

Step 2: I used photorec to recover files. Photorec is searching on the disk and looking at the headers of the files and possibily recover them. I selected in photorec to recover all filetypes I found usable, but just some crap was recovered. I have some dd images there I'd like to have back. Biggest file that was recovered has 63 MB. Doh.

Any idea what could I try next?

I have some files on disk A that are also on disk B, so is there any tool that can mark those same blocks on disk B for me?

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I solved my problem with Autopsy http://www.sleuthkit.org/autopsy/

This application allows you to inspect NTFS partition after you have partial quick reformat. It shows file paths, folders and you are one click away from extracting the whole directories.

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