I have an always-on Linux server (Ubuntu 15.10) connected via HDMI to a TV. I would like to ultimately get rid of the TV remote and use a wireless keyboard only (which I use today to control kodi running on that PC).

Is it possible to use HDMI-CEC from the Linux to the TV to send an on/off command? (I have not thought the how through yet, but probably by binding specific keys to the keyboard)


You should be able to do it if the server and the TV support CEC. Your TV may have disable it by default and use a different name for it meaning you will have to find it and turn it on (Here is a guide on enabling CEC on TVs http://www.howtogeek.com/207186/how-to-enable-hdmi-cec-on-your-tv-and-why-you-should/).
The Embedded Linux Wiki also has a page on using CEC with the Raspberry Pi that lists the programs and libraries might use with your computer to control the TV.

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